The Rushmore Report: The Left Has Taken Hypocrisy to a Whole New Level

Noah Bierman of the Los Angeles Times has accused President-elect Donald Trump of “creating a lasting and bitter divide in American society.” Time calls him the President of the “Divided States of America.” Meanwhile, Barack Obama claims, “I would have won a third term,” defeating Mr. Trump. In the weeks following the November election, the left has taken hypocrisy to an unprecedented and dangerous level.

Example #1 – Trump is not legitimate because most Americans voted against him.

From Hillary Clinton to Bill Clinton to every host on CNN and MSNBC, the drumbeat continues. “Because Trump received only 46 percent of the vote, he has no mandate.” It is suggested, daily, that despite winning 30 states and 85 percent of the counties in America, Trump’s win is not legitimate. It’s funny – in 1992 there was another president who received significantly fewer votes – just 43 percent. But we never heard such outrage. Perhaps that’s because the president who won just 43 percent of the vote was a Democrat named Bill Clinton.

Example #2 – Obama would have won a third term.

Rather than celebrate the democratic process, the current president is pouring lighter fluid on the fire in the most juvenile of ways. By saying he would have beaten Trump, he is a) diminishing Hillary Clinton, b) diminishing Donald Trump, and c) diminishing himself. Does anyone remember George W. Bush making such a claim when his party lost the White House in 2008? Mr. Obama has criticized his successor more before Trump has even taken office than Mr. Bush criticized Obama in eight years. Who is being divisive?

Example #3 – Reserving service to others is only okay when it’s the left boycotting the right.

The Rockettes are waging an apoplectic fit because they have to perform for the Trump inauguration. One member said, “He’s not my president!” When Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr, and Cyndi Lauper cancelled their concerts in North Carolina because of the bathroom laws (keeping men out of ladies rooms), the media celebrated their bravery. When Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Garth Brooks, KISS, Celine Dion, and area high school marching bands all turned down the request to perform at the inauguration, no one squawked.

But when Melissa and Aaron Klein refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, in keeping with their religious principles, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian fined them $135,000 for causing the gay couple undue “emotional suffering.” Of course, that was okay, because it was the right who was refusing to serve the left and not the other way around.

Ben Shapiro said it well.

“The left has suddenly discovered freedom of association; after years of telling religious people they had a moral and legal obligation to throw out their religion and service same-sex weddings and to fund abortion, now the left realizes the ability to pick and choose those to whom you give your services is actually kind of important. But don’t expect this to last. Of course artists should be able to turn down clients; so should religious bakers, but you won’t see the left acknowledge that. The only freedom to turn down clients it the freedom for leftists to turn down conservative and religious clients, not the other way around.”

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