The Rushmore Report – They Have Just 44 Days; The GOP Needs to Move Fast

Power can be so fleeting. Just ask Republicans, who have controlled the House of Representatives since 2011. Suddenly, with the loss of at least 36 seats, the GOP will surrender control of the lower chamber in January. Democrats will take over, amid promises of impeachment, socialist policies, and a total blockade of President Trump’s policies. But in the 44 days until Democrats take over the House, Republicans still have a chance to achieve the things they were elected to do two years ago. But the GOP needs to move fast.

Given the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, Republicans will especially need to move fast.

Here’s my plan. Republican leadership from both the House and Senate should be summoned by President Trump to Camp David this weekend. At that time, they should agree on six policies they really want to pass into law. Then they should put together a framework for each item, which can be taken directly to the floors of the House and the Senate over the next six weeks. For the next six weeks, leading up to the end of their term, one item per week can be voted into law.

What are these six agenda items? The list might include the following: the building of the border wall, repeal of Obamacare, middle income tax cuts, and immigration reform.

Would such a move be ambitious? Absolutely. But it can be done. And the only reason Republicans need to get this done in six weeks is that they failed to get it done in two years.

In 44 days, obstructionism will begin. Democrats will bring government to a screeching halt. But Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for the lack of progress. They have accomplished only a fraction of President Trump’s agenda over the past two years. But there’s still time for conservatives to do great things for the American people. But they need to move fast.

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