The Rushmore Report – The Funniest Answer to Gun Violence (By a U.S. Senator)

Gun violence is not funny. But the response of one United States Senator is. Appearing on CNN’s new “Cuomo Prime Time” last week, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) discussed the tragic shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper. Cuomo asked the Senator, “Are you aware of anything on the federal level that is being done to deal with these issues?” Gillibrand’s response elicited a collective “Huh?” from Cuomo’s anemic national audience.

Cuomo continued, “We know what the states are doing, but on the federal level, is there anything to give any hope for any kind of momentum?”

Gillibrand responded by praising leftist Parkland activists as she said the Democrats needed to flip both the House and the Senate to be able to do something about gun violence.

She said, “I am optimistic that when we do flip the House and Senate, our first vote can be on common-sense assault weapons and the large magazines, ban the bump-stocks, have a universal background check system where terrorists can’t get access to weapons, and then have the investments in mental health that have been needed for a very long time.”

Of course, Cuomo didn’t challenge the Senator’s solution to the Maryland shooting. Had he passed a high school journalism class, Cuomo might have said something like this:

“Senator, did you just say the solution to the Maryland shooting is to ban assault weapons, large magazines, and bump-stocks?”

Gillibrand: “Yes, Chris, that is what I said.”

Cuomo: “Are you aware, Senator, that the shooting was done with a shotgun?”

Now, we know that conversation would never take place, at least not on CNN. But aside from Senator Gillibrand’s apparent ignorance of the basic details of the shooting she went on the air to condemn, and the death of journalism in most corners, there is a bigger point.

There’s not a gun law on the books – or on the minds of even the most strident gun control activists – that would have affected the Maryland shooting. Or most shootings.

But even that is not the bigger point. The bigger point is that until America experiences a massive cultural change – brought about by a national spiritual revival – we can pass a million new gun laws and it will not matter. Crazy people do crazy things. And bad people do bad things. The problem is not that we need new laws. The problem is that we need new hearts.

And that is something that is beyond the reach of Congress.


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