The Rushmore Report: The Faith of Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton’s pick for Vice President is very open about practicing his faith and isn’t ashamed to admit it. The Virginia Senator is a practicing Roman Catholic – which you’ll probably hear more about on the campaign trail. According to the Washington Post, Kaine is a regular attendee of a “black church” in Richmond, Virginia, where he is very much at home. Kaine and his wife married at the church and all three of his children have been baptized there. Kaine often takes breaks from politics at church but is also open about talking about how “Catholicism informs his views.”

His Catholicism can be traced back to his childhood where he attended a Jesuit board school and frequently attended mass. A year into law school, Kaine went on a mission trip to Honduras, which, according to his mother, “made him into who he is.” This strong, constant presence of the church in his life seems to ground and center Kaine.

“I do what I do for spiritual reasons,” Kaine told C-SPAN in June. It seems as if there is no denying that Kaine has a strong moral background and is rooted in his religious beliefs and his commitment to make a change for others. Kaine is so religious, in fact, that he has cited the Pope during a discussion about allowing Planned Parenthood to access funding for Zika.

Despite his religious roots, Kaine makes sure that his religion doesn’t fully influence all of his political decisions – as Kaine believes that the state “should not impose a moral view on others,” according to the Daily Beast. He said, in 2008, “I take an oath to uphold the laws of the commonwealth. My church doesn’t make me cross my fingers when I do.”

Kaine’s strong religious background combined with his progressive political beliefs makes him a strong pick for Vice President, according to Democratic insiders. It will be very interesting to hear Kaine speak more about his religious influences on the campaign trail.

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Casey Suglia is a freelance writer and graduate of Appalachian State University. She is a frequent blogger on current events in American religion and culture.

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