The Rushmore Report: The Faith of MVP Kevin Durant

One of the most fun periods of my life was serving as a chaplain for the Houston Rockets. One of the players I met was Kevin Durant, the MVP of the NBA Finals, with his Golden State Warriors winning the NBA championship Monday night. Whenever his team played in Houston, Durant never missed chapel. But what do we know abut his faith, beliefs, and commitment to Jesus Christ?

During a 2012 interview with Beyond the Ultimate, Durant said, “The Bible both pumps me up and balances me to play my best.”

It’s easy for anybody like Durant to get a swelled head amidst the constant praise and admiration heaped by the public. But he gives all the glory to God.

“The Bible says the Lord exalts humility, and that’s one thing I try to be all the time. When people tell me I’m great, I remind myself that I can always be better. Humility comes before honor,” he said.

Speaking to Liberty News, Durant added, “The Lord has blessed me with these talents to do something special. But it is not about me. I want my career and my life to be a reflection of his love and his grace and mercy. Whether it is winning games, losing games, making shots, or missing shots, it is all about giving glory to God.”

Now, Kevin is a champion. But in God’s Book, he already was.

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