The Rushmore Report: The Break-up of the Cast of TV’s #1 New Comedy – What Happened?

I’ll admit it. I was hooked. The #1 new comedy of this past television season quickly became a can’t-miss show at our household. We rarely watch the current crop of comedies on TV because they a) aren’t funny, b) are crude, and c) are dumb. But Kevin Can Wait was different. And much of the laughter was generated by the on-air connection of Kevin James and Errin Hayes – until she was fired. So what happened?

It’s pretty simple. After working with Leah Remini for nearly a decade on The King of Queens, James established a kinship with his on-screen wife. So, he invited her to appear as a guest on one episode of Kevin Can Wait. And soon after, Hayes was released from the show that drew the highest audience of any new comedy of the year.

Insiders say Kevin James simply felt he had a better chemistry with Remini. What is not clear is how his wife of season one will suddenly be replaced on-air for season two.

Hayes isn’t saying much. She said in Twitter, “True, I’ve been let go from the show. Very sad, I had a great experience season 1. Thank you for all the support from our wonderful fans.”

Here’s the lesson for all of us. We are not promised anything for tomorrow. In fact, we aren’t even promised tomorrow. In a second, we can lose the security of a great job, a great marriage, and great health. In an instant, it can all be gone.

I’m sure Errin Hayes will be okay. I’m guessing she was paid handsomely for her work in season one. And surely she will get another acting job soon.

Others are not so fortunate. The Bible warns against making assumptions about the future. That’s why we need to live fully in the only day any of us is ever promised – today.

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