The Rushmore Report: Rudy Giuliani on Guns and Terror

In light of the Orlando terrorist attack of last week, “America’s Mayor” has gone on the record with Greta Van Susteren to share his views of what is needed to keep America safe going forward. The man who navigated New York City through her darkest hours is speaking out. These are his views – in his own words.

Four or five years ago, there was an ISIS, but President Obama said it was the JV Team. On Obama’s watch, it has become the varsity Islamic terrorist organization. Obama did a number of things that contributed to this – not intervening in Syria when he should have five years ago. By doing that he made it possible for ISIS to metastasize. Then his 12 threats to Asad and his failure to take action after those 12 threats lost all credibility for the United States.

The only way to stop extreme Islamic terrorists is to be on offense. When you don’t strike back, or strike back meekly as this administration has done, you invite the kind of attacks like Orlando. ISIS is beginning to expand beyond the Middle East – Obama’s own CIA Director has just confirmed that ISIS is a greater threat today than at any other time.

We’ve had four attacks in less than a year – San Bernardino, Brussels, Paris, and Orlando. And this administration – Obama and Clinton – talk about gun control. But what we have learned is that if they don’t have a gun, they use a knife. If they don’t have a knife, they use a bomb. They will use anthrax. They will use dirty bombs. They will use nuclear material.

Weakness in the face of this kind of insane, evil religious ideology only breeds more attacks, and all Obama and Hillary Clinton have done from the day they started is to take all of our troops out of Iraq, taking all of our troops out of Afghanistan, leaving nothing behind . . . of course you weren’t going to find out about the development of ISIS. There was nobody there to tell you about it. It is just dumb to not be able to figure out why this was a terrible mistake.

What’s the answer? Number one, you have to call them what they are – Islamic extremist terrorism. Remember who was targeted in Orlando – a group of people considered infidels and the enemy in the minds of these terrorists. They throw homosexual men off buildings. These people aren’t radical Methodists or Presbyterians. They are radical Muslims.

Number two, you have got to put boots on the ground. I never want to hear it again – “no boots on the ground.” Muslims should be temporarily banned from entering America from these countries who wish us harm until the FBI Director says they can vet them. So far he says we can’t.

We have to commit, not just bombings, but troops to wiping them out. We need to create a no-fly zone in Syria. The refugees must be protected in Syria. The President of France is on record as taking a harder position against ISIS than President Obama. That is a national embarrassment.

Donald Trump couldn’t possibly do worse than the policies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. When President Roosevelt went to war with the Nazis he didn’t put a time-line on it. When President Lincoln went to war to preserve the Union, he didn’t put a time-line on it. He never said to the South, “We will fight until this day or that day. If you can hold on until then, know we will pull out.”

Under President Obama and Secretary Clinton, the Middle East is worse, our relationship with Russia is worse, things with China are worse. Mrs. Clinton is a complete slave to public opinion polls. She voted for the War in Iraq, but when public opinion switched, she voted to pull out. We need a president like Abraham Lincoln. In 1863, when the public was against the Civil War, he didn’t put a time table on it and then pull out. He would have never said, “We can only take three years of the war.”

We need new leadership to win this war. The current administration has failed. Will Trump succeed? We don’t know yet. But we do know this – what we have done for the past eight years, under Obama and Clinton – has only made things worse. This is beyond dispute.

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Rudy Giuliani is known as “America’s Mayor” for the way he guided New York City through the events following the terrorist attack on his city September 11, 2001. He is a frequent speaker and writer on a national platform, with a focus on terror and national defense.

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