The Rushmore Report: The 10 Questions Hillary Won’t Answer

It has been nine months since Hillary Clinton has held a press conference. You can have a baby in that time! Since Hillary’s last press conference, we’ve had the summer Olympics, the national debt has gone up a half a trillion dollars, the Dow is up 1,000 points, and Bachelorette has completed another season. But still, the woman who would be president will not face the media. There’s a good reason for that. Here are ten questions she doesn’t want to answer.

1. You said you used a private email system “for convenience.” In what way was setting up a separate, private server in the basement of your house more “convenient” than just using the single device already provided by the government, as prescribed by State Department policies?

2. If you had nothing to hide, why did you wait a year and a half to turn over the emails you did not delete, instead of just turning them over when you left office?

3. If you really turned over all your work-related emails, as you stated four times in the past year (Aug 18, Oct 22, Mar 7, Aug 27), how did the FBI just discover 30 deleted emails about Benghazi?

4. If the emails you deleted that have now been discovered were personal (wedding, yoga), why did the Justice Department deem them too sensitive for the Congressional Oversight Committee to see?

5. If the emails you deleted were only about yoga and bridesmaids, why did you use the sophisticated tool, BleachBit, designed to “shred files to prevent recovery,” rather than simply delete the emails? BleachBit brags that their software “stifled the FBC investigation.”

6. If you turned over all your emails, where did the newly discovered 15,000 emails come from?

7. If black lives matter, when are you going to speak out about the 425 blacks killed by other blacks in Chicago in 2016? Are you even aware of the FBI report that confirms that cops are shot by blacks 18.5 times more than blacks are shot by cops in Chicago, and among the cops that do shoot blacks, 40 percent of those cops are blacks themselves? And while you are on the subject, can you name a single major city in the United States that has prospered under Democratic leadership in recent years?

8. You are pro-choice, because “no one should tell a woman what to do with her own body.” So why do you support helmet laws and seatbelt laws, if women have the right to do with their bodies as they want?

9. Why did you say you were “under fire” in Libya when video proves you weren’t even there?

10. Why have you gone 275 days without holding a press conference – a modern day record for presidential candidates?

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