The Rushmore Report – Surprising New Poll Just Out on the Midterm Election

We’ve been hearing it for months. This November, we will witness the biggest “blue wave” ever, as Democrats obliterate Republican control of both houses of Congress. Both the House and Senate will surely fall into Democrats’ hands, right? Some are predicting a pick-up of five Senate seats and as many as 60 seats in the House for the Democratic Party. But is this just wishful thinking on the part of Democrats and their accomplices in the media? A new CBS poll is just out, and its finding are surprising.

In short, the head pollster for CBS News, Anthony Salvanto, doesn’t think we will see a blue wave this November. His team is polling 5,700 voters in the 50-60 Congressional districts most in play. And so far, he doesn’t see a whole lot of flipping of seats from one party to the other.

The New York Post reports, “Salvanto’s polling currently indicates that few House seats will change hands in November – and that the GOP could very well hold its majority in the House.”

Salvanto told the Post, “Right now I think this election looks like a toss-up. We see a Democratic pick-up in the House of Representatives in the 20-odd seat range, but Republicans could certainly hold on to the House.”

Republicans currently hold a 43-seat majority.

Salvanto said he doesn’t “see a large number of Republicans saying they will flip and vote for a Democrat,” despite several op-eds from “conservatives” telling the Right to switch parties.

While Democratic hate for President Trump is fueling their push in November, Republicans typically vote in higher volume in mid-term elections than do their foes. And just being against something – or someone, in the case of President Trump – is rarely enough to win elections.

Salvanto added, “Voters say the Democrats need to do more than just oppose Trump. They are asking, ‘What are they standing for?'”

Experts agree that for Democrats to retake the House, they will need to be up by about five points in the latest generic ballot polling. And that is exactly where they stand just a few months before the elections.

Could there still be a blue wave in November? Yes, it’s possible. But don’t believe what you’re hearing. The recapture of either house of Congress by the Democratic Party is far from certain.

Stay tuned . . .

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