The Rushmore Report: President Trump’s Surprising New Poll Numbers

According to Real Clear Politics, President Trump’s approval rating is 38 percent. Some polls have his numbers even lower than that. But the most reliable and recent poll brings good news to the White House – news you won’t hear in the mainstream media. As opposed to the other polls considered by Real Clear Politics, Rasmussen only considers likely voters. And their poll – out Tuesday – brings shocking news.

Tuesday’s Rasmussen survey of 1,500 likely voters found Trump’s approval rating at 46 percent, which is in line with other presidents’ numbers – presidents who went on to win reelection.

The president quickly tweeted: “One of the most accurate polls last time around. But #FakeNews likes to say we’re in the 30s. They are wrong. Some people think numbers could be in the 50s. Together, WE will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

The poll also found that the number of Americans who believe the country is headed in the right direction is just 33 percent. But many of them blame Congress, not the president. Meanwhile, their confidence in the jobs market reached a new high.

From this new survey, we draw three conclusions.

1. President Trump’s approval is higher than the media wants you to know.

2. President Trump’s approval rating is still below water, well under 50 percent.

3. Poll numbers in November, 2017, have virtually no bearing on the 2020 election, which is three years away. Remember, President George H. W. Bush had the highest approval rating in the history of polls – 91 percent – at this point in his presidency, but garnered only 37 percent of the vote three years later, in his bid for reelection.

I love polls because I love numbers. While the new numbers by Rasmussen are interesting, especially given they only survey likely voters, and while the new numbers bring comfort to Trump supporters, these poll numbers will be long forgotten by the time the 2020 election cycle begins. But considered within the context of Trump’s recent poll numbers, and within the context of 24-hour attacks by most media outlets, a 46 percent approval rating for President Trump will be met with great enthusiasm among his supporters.

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