The Rushmore Report: Southwest Plane Diverts After Baby Born Mid-flight

A Southwest Airlines flight headed from Philadelphia to Orlando diverted to South Carolina after a baby was born mid-flight. Southwest Flight 556 left Philadelphia just before 3 p.m. Sunday. But, after a woman went into labor, the plane diverted to Charleston. The birth of the baby was an inconvenient blessing – and a reminder of another baby born over 2,000 years ago – the greatest inconvenient blessing of all.

“Medical personnel assisted with the delivery,” Southwest spokeswoman Melissa Ford said in a statement to Today in the Sky. “Emergency medical technicians met the flight upon landing and transported the parents and baby to an area hospital.”

The flight’s remaining 132 passengers stayed on board and Flight 556 took off from Charleston about 70 minutes after landing. Flight 556 made it to Orlando at 6:34 p.m. – about an hour behind schedule.

One passenger tweeted on the flight from onboard, sharing a short, six-second video in which a baby could be heard crying at the front of the plane. “The flight crew did a great job,” said the tweeting passenger.

The birth of the Southwest baby disrupted the lives of 132 passengers and countless others whose flight plans were altered by the late arrival in Orlando. But no baby was as disruptive as Jesus. In his birth, he disrupted world religions, the rich and famous, and the spiritually elite.

Jesus didn’t come the way the Messiah was expected by most to come. To them, he was born to the wrong parents, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and in the wrong setting. He was the unexpected Messiah – the world was caught off guard.

During this Christmas Season, baby Jesus is still the Great Disruptor. He wants to disrupt your lifestyle, habits, plans, routine, relationships, and eternity.

The Great Disruptor has been born. That is settled history. The only question that remains is: Has he been born in you?


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