The Rushmore Report: Six News Apps that Will Change Your Life

Do you ever misplace your car keys? Have you ever driven off, only to wonder if you remembered to close your garage door? Fortunately, we live in the age of technology, which means someone is always working on everything. For those of us who are forgetful, six new apps are coming soon. Whether you have lost your keys, your wallet, or your mind, here are a few apps to jog your memory.

1. Lost car keys – You are ready to head out the door, barely in time to get to work on time. But then you remember what you forgot – your car keys. You look feverishly – on the counter, in your pockets, under the cat, but to no avail. But alas, you remember you signed up for Tile, the new app that will find your keys. You press the right button on your phone (you better never lose your phone), and your keys start playing loud music.

2. Smart deodorant – Some days really stink. A new app can help! Do you remember running out the door without applying deodorant first? Of course you don’t – or you wouldn’t have done that. Help is on the way. ClickStick is the new deodorant app. (I’m not making this up!) The “ClickStick” app will dispense a bit of deodorant smell to keep you fresh for awhile, and will also send alerts reminding you to use real deodorant every day.

3. Umbrella reminder – You left your umbrella back at the office. That is the cue the clouds are looking for to launch a thunderstorm accompanied by F5 tornadoes. But thanks to Davek Alert Umbrella, this won’t happen to you again. It alerts you when you have stepped 30 feet from your umbrella.

4. Need milk? – It’s a given. When you do your grocery shopping, you forget how much milk you have left back at home. The new Milky Weigh app (great name, but no relation to Milky Way, the most important food item God ever created) is on the way! A monitor is placed under your milk carton in the fridge, and measures how much milk you have left. Then you can assess your milk level from your smart phone while shopping at your local store. What could be more simple than this?

5. Drone delivery – How many times have you left something – your lunch, a card that needs to be mailed, your child – sitting on your kitchen counter? Haven’t you asked yourself, a thousand times, “Wouldn’t it be great if a robot could just pick up a forgotten item from my house and drop it off at my office?” Thanks to Bizzby Sky, retrieval and delivery is about to be possible. This on-line drone service will pick up items from wherever you left them, provided there is someone there to hand them off. Then the drone will deliver the item to your assigned destination. The drone cameras capture live footage of the delivery, which you can view in real time on the Bizzby app. (If you are worried about pigeon collisions, fear not. The drones are equipped with real-time sensors that monitor motion to avoid a crash.)

There you go. Now, there really is an app for everything. We now live in an age where it’s okay to lose your mind – as long as you hold onto your smart phone. So, whatever you lose, it’s okay . . . there’s an app for that.

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