The Rushmore Report: Seven Things You Can Count on in Trump’s First 100 Days

The eyes of the world are on America as Donald John Trump is sworn in as the country’s 45th president. Tomorrow is the big day. Soon forgotten will be the contentious 2016 campaign and the absence of one-third of all Democrats in the House of Representatives from the big event. What will long be remembered will be the legislation passed and signed into law. If Mr. Trump holds true to his word, he won’t waste a second in getting started in his task to “Make America Great Again.” But what will happen in the first 100 days? I suggest there are seven things you can count on from the new Trump Administration.

1. A very busy first day

Expect Trump to sign multiple executive orders wiping out President Obama’s multiple executive orders. This will be the busiest first day in modern presidential history. In his “contract with the American people,” Trump promised a “very busy first day.”

2. Wiping Barack Obama from the history books

Trump has promised to erase the effects of the Obama presidency. He promised to cancel every “executive action, memorandum, and order issued by President Obama.” According to Stephen Moore, an official campaign adviser, the campaign has sought to identify “maybe 25 executive orders” that their candidate could reverse. That’s the problem with Mr. Obama’s partisan strategy of bypassing Republicans and Congress altogether – what goes around is about to come around.

3. Reform

Donald Trump has repeated his intent to “drain the swamp” of big money Washington politics. He has said he will “reduce the corrupting influence of special interests.” Trump will call for Congressional term limits, lobbyist reforms, and a federal hiring freeze.

4. Trade

A Trump presidency will break from the traditional Republican commitment to free trade, imposing a set of protectionist policies to close America’s economic borders. Expect the new president to make good on his promise to “renegotiate” the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico, and to cancel American participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a controversial trade agreement with 12 countries.

5. Immigration

Mr. Trump’s rhetoric on immigration defined his presidential campaign. While he has backed off his total ban on Muslims, he has remained entrenched in his “extreme vetting” agenda. Expect him to take the first steps toward building a wall, though the wall will become more of a fence.

6. Foreign policy

The President-elect has threatened to pull out of NATO. While flipping on his positions on Syria and demonstrating a sophomoric view of the world, Trump will find his voice, assuming he relies on his new national intelligence and defense staff. What Trump does with Russia will be most interesting in these next 100 days.

7. Energy and the Environment

While softening his stance on climate change (due largely to his daughter Ivanka), Trump will be a strong voice for all types of energy, domestic drilling, and deregulation. Those in big oil will love the new president. Most Americans will likely support his energy agenda.

Get ready, America. The next 100 days will be a ride for the ages.

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