The Rushmore Report: Ranking Eight Presidents of the Last 55 Years

I am a list junkie. I love lists. I have books of lists and lists of books of lists. I live my life by lists. My phone is full of daily “To Do” lists, exercise goal lists, calorie intake lists, and more. I love lists. And I love presidential history. So when I read a recent list ranking the presidents of my lifetime, I had to read . . . and share. So here they are, in order. The Debate Politics Forum (not sure who that is) has the ultimate list.

By polling Americans, the DPF has given us a list of the popularity of eight recent presidents. (Sorry, neither Obama nor Trump were considered for this poll, as they did not want to consider anyone in office or who had just left office.) So here you go – eight presidents in order of popularity according to the American people.

1. Ronald Reagan

2. Bill Clinton

3. John Kennedy

4. Lyndon Johnson

5. George H.W. Bush

6. Jimmy Carter

7. Richard Nixon

8. Gerald Ford

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