The Rushmore Report: Pro-Life Group Shows Abortion on Jumbotron Outside Kentucky’s Last Abortion Clinic

A pair of pro-life activist groups held a demonstration outside Kentucky’s last abortion clinic to announce plans to put up images of actual abortions on the giant Jumbotron next to the clinic. Operation Save America and Created Equal decided to use the 8-by-16 foot screen to show what actually happens to a baby during an abortion in front of the Louisville EMW Women’s Surgical Center.

Created Equal National Director Mark Harrington explained that Kentucky “is ground zero in the abortion wars.” He continued, “The pro-life movement needs to focus on making Kentucky the first abortion-free state in America.” He also said the Jumbotron video is “the most effective use of our resources because it bypasses the fake news media with an uncensored message that goes directly to the people.”

When asked if such displays inflame more than they inform, Harrington said that “while anger is sometimes a response to our images, it is in no way the only reaction we see. Some are shocked into silence, others express horror that these images are real, and others are struck by deep sadness. Many confess that they had ‘no idea abortion looked like that.'”

Harrington also argued that the images merely bring to the surface preexisting tensions, drawing a parallel to how the Civil Rights Movement’s nonviolent tactics did not cause racist violence, but simply brought it to light. The tension present at Dr. King’s demonstrations was a result of racism, not the tactic of nonviolent disobedience,” he added.

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