The Rushmore Report: Playing the Trump Card – Eight Issues that Can Propel Him to Victory

Recent polls indicate the 2016 presidential race is a dead heat, though Hillary Clinton still has a clear advantage in the Electoral College. While the race has been largely personality driven, for the undecided voters who will make the difference, issues will matter. On the eve of the first presidential debate, Donald Trump can win this election – on the issues. If he focuses on these eight simple issues, he will be almost impossible to beat.

1. Agent of change

Polls show that two-thirds of the people want change. They agree the country is on the wrong track. They love the idea of a Donald Trump – an outsider. He just needs to get out of his own way. At a time when people don’t want an insider in the White House, Trump is running against the ultimate insider. He needs to hammer this fact every day until November 8.

2. Partial birth abortion

A November 2014 poll conducted by The Polling Company found that only 13 percent of Americans agree with Clinton’s position that abortion should be legal for basically any reason. Defending her pro-abortion stance, Clinton said, “Religious beliefs and biases have to be changed.” She said, “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.” Amazing. She acknowledges the fetus is an “unborn person,” but is fine with aborting that “person.” Going even further, Clinton would not ban the hideous act of partial birth abortion, which she defended on the Senate floor in 2003. As for her argument of not telling women what to do with their own bodies, Clinton agrees that women should be forced to wear seat belts, but it is okay to take the life of the unborn. Trump should be clear and consistent: the baby is a human being, with a real heart, brain, and other organs. The fetus is a life, so abortion is taking an innocent, unborn life. It’s really not that complicated.

3. Sanctuary cities

It’s called Kate’s Law. In 2003, Katie Sepich was raped, strangled, and set on fire by an illegal immigrant who was able to stay in America because he was in one of our “sanctuary cities” which allow illegals to stay, against federal law. Trump wants to ban sanctuary cities. Clinton wants to keep them.

4. School choice

Trump has unveiled a $20 billion school choice plan. He wants all children to have the same advantage of Barack Obama’s kids, who are able to attend the school of their choice. This would allow minority families to take their kids out of inner city schools, which are failing horribly, and put them into safer, more efficient schools. Incredibly, Hillary Clinton opposes this concept.

5. Syrian refugees

Hillary Clinton wants to increase the flow of Syrian refugees into America by 550 percent. Our FBI and CIA leadership agree – we cannot vet these immigrants successfully. Trump’s position is that entering America is not a rite, but a privilege. ISIS has already said they will enter America as Syrian refugees in order to kill thousands of Americans. Somehow, Clinton is okay with that.

6. Maternity leave

Trump has just released his plan for maternity leave. It guarantees six weeks of paid maternity leave, whereas current law gives 12 weeks of unpaid leave. This would allow parents to deduct child care expenses from their income taxes, creating dependent savings accounts.

7. Middle East

Hillary Clinton failed to protect the embassy in Benghazi. Five lives were taken. ISIS was the “JV Team” (Obama’s words) when Secretary Clinton took office. It is hard to find a place in the world that became safer under her watch. Look at Iran, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and Israel. There is not a success story in any of these places, in terms of American foreign policy. The fact that Clinton never mentions any of these countries in her stump speeches is all Trump needs to know.

8. “Deplorables”

Not only did Clinton label half of Trump’s supporters “deplorable,” she said they are “irredeemable.” In the Christian faith, all mankind is redeemable. That is what the cross was all about. The thief on the cross was redeemable. But in Hillary Clinton’s world, those who vote for her political opponent are thereby beyond redemption. Trump needs to play this card at every debate.

This election will be determined by Donald Trump’s ability to stay on message. If he can avoid saying incendiary things, if he can abstain from insulting large segments of the population for just two months, if he can focus on these eight issues – he can win the White House.

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