The Rushmore Report – Oprah Will Run for President on One Condition

When you are a billionaire, one word says it all – as in “Donald” or “Oprah.” And while the latter has said she has no intention to run for president, that was two weeks ago. That’s a lifetime in politics. This week she has pivoted. Now she says she will run for president in 2020 – on one condition. So what is it?

She’s waiting to hear from God. Oprah told People Magazine that she is considering it, but the next move is God’s. “God, if you think I’m supposed to run, you gotta tell me, and it has to be so clear that not even I can miss it,” she said.

Ed Kilgore writes, on, “One interpretation of her remarks is that she’s really saying no power on earth can get me to run for president. If so, it would have been much better if she had expressly put it that way. Otherwise, the tantalizing, if most likely illusory, prospect of a Winfrey run will continue to live on in the imaginations of people in and out of politics, like the Cheshire Cat’s smile. And there’s no telling when the talk will end: If nobody can tell Oprah Winfrey what to do, it’s even clearer that nobody can tell the God of Hosts when to send a sign – or not.”

This whole “waiting to hear from God” thing does pose a fascinating dilemma for the ladies of The View, on ABC. Two weeks ago they went crazy with the news that Vice President Mike Pence seeks the voice of God in his own life.

I’m guessing – in their world – God has the freedom to speak to Oprah. After all, they are pretty much on an equal plain. So when Oprah hears from God, she is a saint. But when Pence hears from God, he is nutty.

So where does that leave us? We will wait on Oprah, while Oprah waits on God.

Until next week, when she does another interview.

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