The Rushmore Report: 25 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Twenty-five couples were asked to give their secrets to a happy marriage. These couples are from all over America and from many different backgrounds. They have been married for anywhere from 15 to 50 years. These real-life couples have been in the marriage trenches and they are still laughing, smiling, and having fun. Here is their advice to making marriage last for the long haul – the #1 idea from each couple.

  1. We’re best friends.
  2. I gave up the home décor I had brought into our relationship.
  3. We made a pact to never fight about money.
  4. We never discuss sensitive subjects when hungry or tired.
  5. I follow this advice: always treat your husband as an honored guest in your home.
  6. We purposefully sit next to each other on the couch each night.
  7. We always find things to laugh about.
  8. We have separate bathrooms.
  9. We follow this mantra: women want to be loved and cherished; men want to feel respected.
  10. We never bail on date night.
  11. We seek to do good for the other person, instead of fighting over ‘what about me?’
  12. We face adversity together.
  13. We plan forward and look back only to the good times.
  14. We remember why we got together in the first place.
  15. We believe that divorce is not an option.
  16. We’re both left-handed.
  17. We’re passionate, supportive, and accepting of what the other person is doing in their personal life.
  18. We prioritize each other.
  19. We truly knew ourselves before we got married.
  20. We dumped friends and family members who had a negative effect on our life and marriage – and we expected our spouse to do the same.
  21. We mind our manners.
  22. We’re as different as a couple can get.
  23. We take a lot of trips without our children.
  24. We share a common dream.
  25. We’re in it for life.

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