The Rushmore Report – NY Dem Governor Cuomo: ‘America Was Never that Great’

The governor of the most taxed state in America just dropped a bombshell in a moment of honesty. In a public speech, Andrew Cuomo, a strong 2020 presidential candidate, mocked President Trump’s desire to “make America great again.” His astonishing perspective is that “America was never that great.” Even his liberal audience was awestruck by such an anti-America statement.

A few days later – for purely political purposes – Cuomo walked back his statements a bit. He called his comments “inartful.” Note, he didn’t say he didn’t mean what he said; he just regretted that what he said was so accurately understood.

Will this cost him among his political base? Probably not. Consider this – according to a recent poll, Democrats view socialism more positively than capitalism. So for an audience that is so incredibly liberal, Cuomo’s comments are not out of bounds.

But can you imagine Democrats of past generations saying “America was never great?” Can you imagine Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, or Bill Clinton saying that? Of course not. Why not? Because a) they didn’t believe it, and b) to say that would be political suicide. But in today’s Democratic Party, saying America was never great has become frighteningly mainstream.

Of course, Gov. Cuomo will not have to answer for his un-American sentiments, because he will only agree to interviews with members of the press who agree with him on everything he is going to say. But if – and I know this is a longshot – Cuomo did take honest questions, I suggest the following to any press members who are so fortunate as to interview the governor. Ask him . . .

“Was America not great when she abolished slavery?”

“Was America not great when she won two world wars?”

“Was America not great when she went to the moon?”

“Was America not great when she won the Cold War?”

“Was America not great when she received more refugees than any other country in the last century?”

“Was America not great when she passed historic civil rights legislation?”

“Was America not great when she did more to feed the world’s hungry than any other country on earth?”

As expected, President Trump blasted Cuomo for his statement. He is begging the governor to run against him for president in 2020. Is it possible that the Democratic Party would nominate a man who thinks so little of our country – to represent our country on the world stage? Unfortunately, yes, it is possible. A party that is more in line with socialism (see Argentina) than capitalism (see America) just might embrace the governor whose state takes back more money from her citizens (state taxes) than any other state. But will America ever elect a man who believes America is neither great nor ever has been?

Surely not.

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