The Rushmore Report – New York Giant Odell Beckham, Jr. Boldly Shares His Faith

Odell Beckham is perhaps the most exciting star in the National Football League. The stand-out wide receiver for the New York Giants made what is described as the most sensational catch in NFL history last year. He has been rewarded with the largest contract of any receiver in history. But the life of Odell Beckham is much deeper than what happens on the gridiron. Every Sunday, well before the National Anthem is played, Beckham takes a knee. Why?

Odell Beckham is happy to answer that question.

Beckham says his life was changed when he turned it over to God this past summer. He took to Instagram to share with his 11.5 million followers that he has dedicated his life to Jesus Christ. In July, Beckham was on a trip to the Holy Land when he decided to get baptized. The receiver shared a photo of the experience with the caption, “FRESH START.” He said he had “been forgiven.”

For Odell Beckham, this is about his life, not just a single event in Israel. He said, “My journey is just beginning.” The next month, he posted, “God, I can’t even put into words my gratitude. This is only the beginning. I’m thankful.”

And before the start of the NFL season, Beckham posted,  “Lord, I come to you at this time, not to ask you for anything, but just to say Thank You.”

And in his most recent post, the Giant wrote, “Mind. Body. Spirit. God I can’t thank u enough for completely puttin me back together and givin me another opportunity. It’s OUR time.”

The LSU product, first round draft choice, and three-time Pro Bowler is a role model for today’s youth. In a time when kids are starving for men to look up to, God has provided such a man. His name is Odell Beckham.


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