The Rushmore Report – The Man Who Would Be Speaker

Jim Jordan wants to be your next Speaker of the House. If you watch much cable news, you are familiar with the Ohio Congressman. If you watch C-SPAN, you have seen him spar with Democrats on a weekly – if not daily – basis. If you want someone to shake things up, he might be your man. If you like a long shot, he is definitely your man. If you like political correctness, he is definitely not your man. So what do we know about this Republican Representative who would be Speaker?

1. Jim Jordan is a former college wrestler.

Jordan competed at the highest level of college wrestling, as a member of the team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He would become a wrestling coach at Ohio State University.

2. Jordan has served in Congress for 12 years.

As of the end of this term, Jordan will have completed six two-year terms as the representative of Ohio’s 4th Congressional district. Before that, he served in the State House (1995-2000) and the State Senate (2001-2006).

3. The Congressman is a big family man.

Jordan is married to Polly. They have four children and live in a family-oriented neighborhood near Urbana, Ohio, which is between Columbus and Dayton.

4. Jordan is a staunch conservative.

As a member of the Freedom Caucus, Jordan is passionate about the Constitution and conservative values.

5. The congressman has strong views.

If elected Speaker, Jordan says he will focus on expanding influence among more members of Congress, fulfilling the Trump agenda, and correcting the dysfunction of Congress.

6. He is not the party favorite.

House Majority Leader Keven McCarthy is likely to land the support of President Trump. And even if that doesn’t derail Jordan’s chances at becoming Speaker, there’s one other detail he must confront. Republicans must hold control of the House – which most experts say is becoming increasingly unlikely.

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