The Rushmore Report: Lindsay Graham to the Rescue on Health Care

Sen. Lindsey Graham just told Fox News the Republicans deserve to be “politically horsewhipped” if they don’t try again to repeal and replace Obamacare – and on Monday he revealed details of his new plan. Despite rocky results in the Senate last week, Graham (R-SC) is urging the Senate to continue working on alternatives. He announced his own alternative. And it is a plan that just might work.

Along with Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Graham has produced a plan, by which federal dollars spent on Obamacare would be block-granted to the states. Additionally, the individual and employer mandates would be repealed; requirements that health insurers would cover pre-existing conditions would be kept; and the Obamacare medical device tax would be cut. Other Obamacare taxes would remain.

“I am 1,000 percent with Donald Trump on this,” said Graham. “We should be politically horsewhipped if we don’t try again. The best idea hasn’t even been brought up. Take all the money under Obamacare and block-grant it back to the states,” he said.

Graham continued, in an interview with Fox’s Dana Perino, “That ends single-payer health care. The government closest to the people is the best government. The health care closest to the people is the best health care. We had Republican governors up in the White House today. We look to Washington to fix Obamacare when we should have looked to the governors.”

Graham makes a good point. “I’m excited about Graham-Cassidy, which empowers governors,” he said. “Four states under Obamacare get 40 percent of the money: New York, California, Massachusetts, and Maryland. My goal is to make sure that if you live in South Carolina you get the same amount of money from the federal government as you would if you lived in California, with more flexibility. It’ll put Democrats in a box. It will make health care more accessible to you. If you don’t like what’s going on, you complain to your governor or statehouse guy, rather than to a bureaucrat in Washington.”

Senators Graham and Cassidy have a great idea – pushing big decisions that affect millions of Americans back to the states, where there is more accountability. Their idea makes a lot of sense – so much sense that it will probably never become law.

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