The Rushmore Report: Khan and Smith – How the Media Is Treating Two Grieving Parents

Khizr Khan and Patricia Smith both lost sons at war. They spoke at the Democratic and Republican Conventions, respectively. Mr. Khan went off on Donald Trump. For that he has since received 55 minutes of coverage from ABC, CBS, and NBC. Mrs. Smith went off on Hillary Clinton. For that she has received 70 seconds of coverage. In total they presented 12 times more negative stories on the RNC than the DNC.

Khizr Khan’s son was a devout Muslim who gave his life in battle defending America. Mr. Khan was a featured speaker at the DNC, where he criticized Donald Trump for his anti-Muslim talk. Mr. Trump wants to refuse all refugees from Muslim-dominated countries passage to the United States until the FBI and CIA say they can be adequately vetted. Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand, wants to increase Syrian refugee flow by 5.5 times immediately. But Mr. Trump has certainly made many harsh statements about Muslims over the past few months. And Mr. Khan was understandably offended.

Patricia Smith’s son died in the attack at Benghazi, and was lied to by Hillary Clinton as to the reason for the attack. She spoke at the RNC, offering an emotional rebuttal of Clinton’s honesty and integrity. Her accusations have been collaborated by the parents of another hero who died that night in Benghazi.

To say the main TV networks are biased seems redundant. This week, when a Republican analyst was interviewed on MSNBC, owned by NBC, she commented on Mrs. Clinton’s lost 30,000 emails, and the host cut her off, and the network edited out that portion of the interview.

On May 24, Politicus ran this headline: “Bernie Sanders Slams the Media for Their Biased Presidential Campaign Coverage.” The story covered an interview with Sanders, who claimed media bias in favor of Mrs. Clinton. That’s not Donald Trump talking. It was Bernie Sanders.

Every night, I watch CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. They all have good reporters. I watched about 15 hours of coverage of both conventions, switching the channels all night.

Is there media bias? I think it’s obvious. If you disagree, answer three questions . . .

1. How do you explain 70 seconds of coverage for Mrs. Smith compared to 55 minutes for Mr. Khan?

2. How do you explain 12 times more negative stories on the RNC than the DNC?

3. When was the last time you saw statistics that said ABC, CBS, and NBC favored conservatives?

Here’s the clincher. The media exists to get the news. They want interviews. They love press conferences. Why does Donald Trump say so many odd things? One reason could be that he actually talks to the press. He holds a press conference every few days. He takes dozens of questions from reporters each time.

Hillary Clinton’s last press conference came 242 days ago. She took all of seven questions. And ABC, CBS, and NBC say nothing. Does anyone with a pulse really think they would treat Mr. Trump the same way if he went on a media black-out?

I can imagine the headlines: “Trump Won’t Answer Questions,” “Trump Avoids the Press,” and “Where Is Mr. Trump Hiding?”

Do you still believe in an unbiased media? There is more evidence for Bigfoot, UFO landings, and the cow that jumped over the moon.


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