The Rushmore Report: Kevin Sorbo – Why Jesus Would Vote for Trump

Actor Kevin Sorbo said Jesus would choose presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump for president if he were an American voter. The God Is Not Dead actor said in an interview with TMZ that he believed Jesus would vote for Trump in the upcoming election because the real estate magnate was “the lesser of two evils.”

When asked about what he thought about the candidates, Sorbo said presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has faced more scandals than former president Richard Nixon. The Watergate controversy, he said, is “a joke compared to what’s going on in the White House today.”

Sorbo added that every Democrat he has asked about what Clinton has accomplished has not been able to give him a satisfactory answer. “They have zero answers,” he said.

Referring to Trump’s ideas on immigration, the interviewer said that Jesus would not be allowed entry into the U.S. if the proposed laws would come through, something that the actor said would not happen.

“Why wouldn’t he? Look, I am Norwegian, that’s my heritage. If there’s Norwegians going around strapping bombs and blowing people up, you can check me,” he explained. Sorbo added that he wouldn’t mind if people would “racially profile” him, as he has nothing to hide. He then asked why some people should be upset about immigration issues if they had nothing to hide.

“So they take one day out of your life to check you out. What’s wrong with that? Finger print me, check out my background – what’s the big deal?”

Sorbo said checking people’s profiles before allowing them in the country is “a fair thing to do.” In a recent interview with Fox News, the actor said he believes the U.S. is becoming a secular country, and the country’s problems can be avoided if people would hold to moral, biblical principles.

“We are taking God out of everything. We wonder why bad things happen,” the actor continued. “We worry about schools; well, they are taking God out of schools.” He also said Hollywood is releasing too many films with a lot of sex and violence right now, but he believes there will be a time when more faith-based films will be made. “I think people are fed up with the status quo,” Sorbo said.

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