The Rushmore Report: Karl Rove’s Seven Suggestions for Trump

During a period that’s commonly considered a honeymoon for a new sitting president, Donald Trump’s first 100 days have been anything but, writes Republican operative Karl Rove, adding that the president needs a “course correction.” In a column for The Wall Street Journal, the former deputy chief of staff for George W. Bush wrote that Trump needs to do seven things to achieve success as America’s 45th president.

1. Focus tweets on governance: “Tweaking his messages has become vital.”

2. Trump should move on from the Susan Rice story.

3. “Mr. Trump should stop blaming his predecessor. It was tiresome when President Obama did it and it made him look weak.”

4. “The president should stop raising expectations. The strategy should be to underpromise and overdeliver.”

5. “Mr. Trump should stop attacking fellow Republicans.”

6. “The president should try to diminish infighting by encouraging unity of purpose, while maintaining diversity of opinion” within the White House staff.

7 “Much more structure is still needed” in the “policy-making process.”

Rove says it’s important to focus on the few big messages rather than inundate Americans with daily missives that are played up to be even bigger than yesterday’s. “The avalanche of news generated by this White House could exhaust people, causing them to lose interest and confidence. When his approval rating is below 40 percent – with softening support even among Republicans – the last thing Mr. Trump should want is for Americans to turn off and tune out,” Rove concludes.

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