The Rushmore Report – Joel Osteen Goes Off Script

Joel Osteen is the pastor of America’s largest church. Lakewood Church in Houston boasts a weekly worship attendance of about 47,000. A gifted communicator and best-selling author, one would assume Osteen doesn’t have a care in the world. One would assume that nothing fazes him. But that would be wrong. At a recent appearance at a Virginia church, Joel Osteen went off script. And what he said about his personality was not expected. Osteen shared a personal flaw with his audience.

That flaw, in his own words, is that “I want people to like me.” But he has accepted that some people never will.

“My personality type is that I want people to like me. This is my nature. I got into the public eye, and I realized that some people won’t like me because they don’t like what I stand for. They don’t like that I’m successful. But I realized that you won’t get everyone to like you.”

Osteen shared his thoughts at Lifepoint Church, near Washington, D.C., while promoting his new book, Next Level Thinking.

Before delving into a discussion with Lifepoint Church’s senior pastor, Osteen told the 1,650 people who had gathered to hear him speak that he didn’t come prepared with a special message, but ended up sharing one anyway.

“I believe that God can take you places that you can’t go on your own. When you honor God with your life, when you keep him in first place, you don’t know what kind of door God’s gonna open. I never dreamed I’d be a minister, but you know what? God’s plan for your life is always bigger than your own.”

When questioned about the negative chatter on social media, Osteen replied, “I don’t spend any energy on the Twitter universe or social media. And I don’t mean that disrespectfully. I just don’t put any energy into it. I mean, life is too short to put energy into negative emotion and I feel at peace when I’ve done the right thing.”

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