The Rushmore Report: James Dobson Speaks to Parents

I believe the most valuable contribution a parent can make to his child is to instill in him or her a genuine faith in Jesus Christ. What a greater sense of self-worth could there be than knowing that the Creator of the universe is acquainted with me personally? That he values me more than the possessions of the entire world, that he understands my fears and my anxieties, that he reaches out to me in immeasurable love when no one else cares, that he actually gave his life for me, that he can turn my liabilities into assets and my emptiness into fullness – these are the values we must teach our children.

We must teach them that a better life follows this one, where the present handicaps and inadequacies will all be eliminated, where earthly pain and suffering will be no more than a dim memory! What a beautiful philosophy with which to clothe your tender child. What a fantastic message of hope and encouragement for the broken teenager who has been crushed by life’s circumstances. This is true self-worth at its richest, dependent not on the whims of birth or social judgment or the cult of the superchild, but on divine decree.

About the Author

Dr. James Dobson is an American evangelical Christian author, psychologist, and founded Focus on the Family in 1977, whose radio broadcasts are carried over 7,000 stations in 164 countries. Dobson has been widely recognized as one of the premier Christian leaders in America. Among his 36 published books are The Strong-Willed Child and Straight Talk for Men.

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