The Rushmore Report: J.J. Watt’s Amazing Response to Hurricane Harvey

The greatest player in the NFL not named Brady is at it again. The big man with a bigger heart is helping his fellow Houstonians in the wake of the costliest storm to ever hit the United States. Texans’ defensive lineman and two-time Defense Player of the Year, J.J. Watt, has donated $100,000 to flood victims in hope of raising another $100,000. But what happened next surprised even him.

Hurricane Harvey is the first Category 4 storm to strike the Texas coast since Carla in 1961. The toll will not be known for months, maybe years. With winds of 130 mph and over four feet of rain in some areas, Harvey brought devastation of biblical proportions.

Watt started a new page, with a video challenging fellow Houstonians to give up to $100,000 to help flood victims. Watt promised to match everything they gave up to that amount, hoping to raise a total of $200,000. Within a day, they raised $350,000. The total, with the NFL jumping in, may exceed $4 million before it’s over.

In J.J. Watts’ own words . . .

“I’m sitting here watching the news, checking the Internet and seeing everything that’s going on with Hurricane Harvey and the damage it’s causing back home. It’s very difficult. It’s very difficult, not only because we have family and friends back there – some guys have young kids, some guys have wives and families – but that’s our city. It’s very tough to watch our city get hit by such a bad storm and not be there to help, not be able to help with the recovery, not be able to help with the process.”

Watt has spoken. And his 3.89 million followers on Twitter and 2.7 million followers on Instagram have responded.

A huge tragedy. A big man. With a big heart. It makes me proud to be from Houston.

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