The Rushmore Report – It’s Official, Democrats Now Prefer Socialism to Capitalism

It’s official. The Party I supported in my youth no longer exists. Raised in the home of proud Republicans, I rebelled. After all, the Democratic Party of Texas was conservative. They believed in lower taxes, a strong military, and – capitalism. The party of John Kennedy nominated a Southern Baptist deacon for president. Jimmy Carter was a small businessman. He believed in capitalism. But Kennedy and Carter would not recognize the Democratic Party of today. Why? Because they were not socialists.

Sure, the Democratic Party of 40 years ago had their share of liberals who leaned socialist. But the Republicans had their share of crazed far-right extremists who saw a Communist behind every bush. Like Republicans, Democrats stood up for the American businessman. They rejected socialist ideals outright.

Well, those days are gone. According to Democrats themselves (not Fox News), the Democratic Party of yesteryear is no more. Shockingly, more Democrats now favor socialism than capitalism.

For the modern Democrat, in a battle of political ideas, if it came down to the United States vs Venezuela, Venezuela would win. In recent days, we have watched in horror as Democratic leaders have advocated for the elimination of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement  agency (ICE), which protects our borders. They favor tax-subsidized abortions of unborn babies. They want to eliminate all of the tax cuts that middle income Americans just received. In their view, the top one percent of wage earners – who pay 47 percent of all taxes – are not paying “their fair share,” while the bottom 50 percent pay almost no taxes at all.

The Democratic Party nearly nominated a non-Democrat for president in 2016. Now, Sen. Bernie Sanders shares the stage with avowed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose views are sheer lunacy.

And now, Gallup has conducted a poll that found that for the first time, more Democrats view socialism favorably than capitalism. Today, 57 percent of Democrats view socialism in a positive way, compared to just 47 percent who view capitalism in positive terms.

This is what socialism would cost Americans. The price tag for the agenda of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez would be $42.5 trillion over the next decade, and $218 trillion over the next 30 years. (Neither Sanders nor Ocasio-Cortez dispute these numbers, nor do they care.) Keep in mind, the national debt is “just” $22 trillion.

Can such an agenda every carry a Democratic Socialist to the White House? Surely not, right? But then again, who among us thought that a certain billionaire real estate tycoon with zero political experience would have won in 2016?

We live in a day of incredible political uncertainty. But one thing is sure. The Democratic Party I supported in my youth no longer exists.

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