The Rushmore Report: Is Trump Administration the ‘Screwball Presidency’?

Appearing on Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press, Republican strategist Mike Murphy called President Trump’s Administration America’s first “screwball presidency.” He said, “We don’t know who’s in charge. The internal politics are crazy.” The establishment consultant went on to diminish Trump’s first year in office to rhetorical ashes. But is Murphy – and much of America – missing something? Do the facts of the past year really support this “screwball” claim?

Sure, Mr. Trump is unconventional. And yes, much of what he says – and tweets – is controversial. It’s hard to find anyone who is happy to defend some of the things he says. But for those who are more interested in their bank account than Trump’s twitter account, “screwball” may be a bit off target.

Mr. Murphy might be wise to consider a few actual facts . . .

1. Unemployment rate

More Americans are employed under Trump’s presidency than at any time in history. Last month alone, 261,000 new jobs were added, and the unemployment rate has dipped to 4.1 percent, its lowest rate in 17 years – lower than at any point in the entire Obama eight years.

2. Tax reduction

The average American family will pay $1,200 less in taxes next year, assuming Congress passes the new tax bill. As for the Democratic/media claim that the new tax structure will only benefit the rich (same song, 100th verse), the top one percent of wage earners will pay 40 percent of all taxes – same as before. And about 15 million in the lower to middle class will now pay no taxes – for the first time in history.

3. Stock market

Up 6,000 points since Trump’s election, the stock market has gained $5 trillion in one year – up 18 percent. Because most retirement packages are tied to the market, this helps nearly everyone.

4. ISIS in retreat

Secretary of Defense James Mattis reports that we are defeating ISIS “much more quickly than we anticipated.” He said, “The enemy is collapsing for all the world to see.” Ten months after Trump took office, the U.S. military has taken back Raqqah – the caliphate’s self-appointed capital.

5. Deregulation

President Trump’s deregulation has already saved businesses $378 million with just over a billion dollars in savings expected next year, according to the Washington Examiner. A report from American Action Forum said that next year’s actions will bring “potentially billions in savings.”

6. Judiciary

Trump’s court appointments guarantee conservative gains for the better part of the next 50 years, starting with Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

7. Immigration

Though the wall has yet to be built, illegal immigration is down by 50 percent. Deportations are up, and the Supreme Court just upheld Trump’s immigration ban from six countries that import terrorism more than any others.

Mike Murphy – like so many like him – has derided the Trump Administration, calling it the “first screwball presidency.” Tweets matter. Trump’s presidency has been unorthodox, to say the least. But if a “screwball presidency” means lower unemployment, reduced taxes, a record stock market, ISIS in retreat, deregulation, and a conservative judiciary, there will be millions of Americans who will be okay with a “screwball presidency.”

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