The Rushmore Report: Is There Really an Anti-Trump Bias in the Media? The Facts

Monday, I watched the 35-minute heated exchange between Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway and CNN host Chris Cuomo. At the root of their debate was alleged anti-Trump bias in the media. While Conway chastised Cuomo for focusing almost exclusively on negative coverage, while ignoring the great jobs reports and foreign policy achievements, Cuomo insisted CNN is balanced. Who is right? Is bias real, or just a Republican talking point? Here are the facts – and what they reveal is quite astonishing.

Is bias real? In a word, yes. In two words, of course. In five words, is that a serious question?

Here are the numbers.

Columnist Paul Bedard has surveyed dozens of news outlets and media contributions in the 2016 election. What did he find? An amazing 81 percent of all coverage of Trump was negative. And 96 percent of the money given by the media went to the Clinton campaign.

Writing for the Washington Times, Jennifer Harper cited a Harvard University survey that found that 80 percent of print and broadcast coverage of Trump was negative in his first 100 days in office. They also found that 54 percent now see the mainstream media as “the opposition party” to the White House.

The Center for Public Integrity conducted a study that concluded that 90 percent of national broadcasters who gave money to a presidential candidate gave all of their money to Mrs. Clinton.

Bob Adelmann, writing for The New American, has more numbers. NBC, CBS, and ABC combined to cover negative stories about Trump versus positive news by a rate of four to one. At CNN and MSNBC, 93 percent of all stories on the president are negative. The rate of negativity in the national print media is just as one-sided: New York Times (87 percent negative coverage), and The Washington Post (83 percent).

If there was still any doubt, the verdict is in. The media is biased against the president, they cover Russia more than America, and if Donald Trump walked on water, they’d criticize him for not being able to swim.

President Trump could cure cancer, solve world hunger, and heal the blind – and it still wouldn’t be enough. He could personally eradicate poverty, pay off the national debt, and buy every American a new house on the beach, and the media would still fixate over his latest tweet. Unemployment could hit zero percent, the Dow could top 30,000, and the Beatles could do a reunion tour, and you wouldn’t hear about any of it – if you only watch CNN.

So what’s the solution for Mr. Trump and conservatives? Do what Ronald Reagan did. Do your job, take your case to the American people, and ignore the biased media. Or the president can wait for the likes of CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and The New York Times to suddenly become this thing we call “journalists.”

Good luck with that.

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