The Rushmore Report: Is the Media Really Unfair to Trump? Here’s the Data

President Trump and his supporters have been complaining about the media’s incessant attack on his administration. They say the media ignores the good news – economic growth, low unemployment, higher home ownership, defeat of ISIS, etc. They say the media is a puppet of the Democratic Party. Is the criticism valid? The data is in . . .

The non-partisan Pew Research Center concludes that President Trump is right. And it’s not even open for debate.

In his first year in office, Pew concludes, just five percent of the stories on Trump were positive. That compares to 42 percent for President Obama and 22 percent for President Bush.

To the contrary, coverage of Trump was indisputably negative 60 percent of the time, which compares to about 20 percent for Obama, Bush, and Clinton.

Pew also reported that in a one-week period when record stock market numbers and 17-year low unemployment numbers came out, CNN spent more time criticizing President Trump for eating two scoops of ice cream and drinking too many Diet Cokes than they did on both economic stories combined.

Given the fact that most people form their opinions of the president based on what they see in the mainstream media every day, it’s not a wonder that Trump’s approval ratings are mired in the 38 percent range. It’s a wonder his ratings aren’t even lower.

Sean Hannity is right when he says, “Journalism in America is dead.”

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