The Rushmore Report – Is TV’s Best Comedy of the Last 10 Years Coming Back?

It’s a comedy series that actually makes you laugh. It’s really funny – I mean really funny! It features an amazing cast, clean humor, family values, and – get this – a Christian message. I’m talking about Last Man Standing. It’s the only show I’ve seen in recent memory that often includes family prayer and quotes from the Bible – which may explain why ABC cancelled the series, despite its consistently strong ratings.

There was a national outrage when ABC pulled the plug on the series last year. Tim Allen, aka Mike Baxter, said the problem may have been his conservative leanings – on and off the show. Allen told Norm MacDonald, on Norm MacDonald Live, “There’s nothing more dangerous, expecially in this climate, than a funny, likable conservative.” Did ABC ax the show because of it’s conservatism? It’s hard to explain the show’s demise in any other way.

But now, Last Man Standing is standing again. Fox has just announced that it is picking up the show for a seventh season, beginning this fall. Tim Allen, thank Roseanne Barr. The resurrection of her comedy, after 20 years off the air, has been incredible. This captured the attention of the brass at Fox.

Count me as one of the show’s biggest fans. Let’s hope it makes a successful comeback. America can use 30 minutes a week of good, clean laughter.

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