The Rushmore Report: ‘I Pray for President Trump Every Night’

Former Florida governor and Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has stated that while he is deeply troubled by President Donald Trump’s actions, he still prays for him daily. In a recent question-and-answer segment held at OZY Fest, Bush explained that the presidency can be an unpredictable environment. But one thing is constant. Trump’s former rival prays for him every day. Here’s the story.

Bush said of Trump, “There’s no way to know what’s going to happen. Just look at the last few months. No one envisioned any of this stuff happening the way it played out. I would have thought that other countries would have provoked us to challenge the president. In reality, most of the problems and the crises have been his own doing.”

Bush went on to note that it was still important for Americans to support and pray for President Trump, even if they do not agree with his policies or rhetoric.

“I find him deeply troubling in a lot of ways, but I pray for him every night and I pray for our country every night,” he said. “I want him to succeed because if he doesn’t . . . I mean who cares what happens to him? I care about you all, I care about my grandkids. This is a really important job and we want him to succeed.”

Bush was one of several candidates in the crowded Republican nomination contests. During the debates, he and Trump were known to have heated exchanges.

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