The Rushmore Report: How Trump Wins – Three Easy Steps

With the results of the Indiana primary, Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States. The mainstream media is already beginning to pounce on him for being anti-immigrant, anti-women, and anti-anything we’ve seen before. “He simply can’t win,” says respected conservative intellectual George Will. “The man is a caricature of himself,” wrote Charles Krauthammer. “He has no chance,” said Bill Kristol.

There is an old adage about buffalo meat. If it’s such a bad idea, how come millions of Native Americans ate it for so many years? Here’s what Will, Krauthammer, and Kristol have all missed. If Trump is such a flawed candidate, how come he just blew away the deepest, most talented field in Republican nomination memory? Can Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton? Yes – but only if he follows these three simple steps.

#1 – Act presidential.

Start today. Phase one of winning the White House is the May phase. Make nice with your vanquished foes, Mr. Trump. Turn “Ly’in Ted” into “Likeable Ted.” Pivot from “Little Marco” to “Love that Marco.” Lose the ball caps at your rallies. Give policy speeches. Don’t sprint toward every camera. Trade in your insults for insights and your sarcasm for substance. No one is asking you to become politically correct; just be politically intelligent. Borrow a page from the Book you claim to love so much, and be “wise as serpents, but harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16). Phase one is the “Act Presidential Phase.”

#2 – Name your cabinet.

Make June your “Name My Cabinet” month. You already have the “I’m angry but I don’t know why” vote locked up. You have a firm grip on the disenfranchised, disconnected, and disassociated. It’s time to pivot. Many analysts say you have a God complex. So do what Jesus did. Before launching his full ministry, he “went out to a mountainside and spent the night in prayer” (Luke 6:12). Then he announced his inner circle, his team. Mr. Trump, you will be known by your team. Find a place in your cabinet for the following: Giuliani, Christie, Rubio, Huckabee, Perry, Rubio, Martinez, Gowdy, Rubio, Fiorina, Jindal, Rubio, Kasich, Walker, and Rubio. Make some news and announce your picks in June.

#3 – Name your vice president.

In July, during the Convention in Cleveland (July 18-21), at the last possible moment,  name your VP. Two things are key here. Don’t do it too soon and don’t pick anyone as kooky as you. Ask your inner self, “What would Reagan do?” He chose the former head of the CIA, his main competitor, and the most qualified (by Washington standards) person he could find. He picked George Bush. And don’t shy away from those who have criticized you (Rubio, for example). Bush had called Reagan’s economic plan “voodoo economics,” but Reagan picked Bush anyway, and won with him two times. So pick an establishment kind of guy or gal. Play it safe. But keep us in suspense. Make a splash at the convention.

I don’t consider myself to be in Mr. Trump’s inner circle of advisors. He has called on my wisdom less than ten times. I’m not saying Trump will win if he follows these three steps – I’m saying he will lose if he doesn’t. At Proud Americans, we aren’t rooting for him or against him. We are just generous with our unsolicited advice. And when Hillary Clinton vanquishes Bernie Sanders (officially), we will toss a few nuggets her way, as well.

So, there you go, Mr. Trump. Congratulations on your nomination by the party you have occasionally supported. Now it’s on to the general election. You just might win – it’s as easy as three simple steps.

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