The Rushmore Report: How Does MSNBC’s Joy Reid Still Have a Job?

MSNBC is still masquerading as a news organization. I wish I could find someone naive enough to still see them as such so I could unload my Edsel stock. The gap between the far-left media and human decency has never been wider. Case in point – “reporter” Joy Reid, of MSNBC. What she gets away with, were it said by a Fox News reporter about President Obama, would heap shame and embarrassment upon her and her network.

But MSNBC is not easily shamed. Of course, they have every right to promote their socialist-democrat views 24 hours a day, whether anyone is actually watching or not. That is not offensive. To many, their views are dangerous, but as long as we hang onto this much-maligned thing called The First Amendment, they have every right to broadcast anything short of screaming “Fire!” in a movie theater.

Socialism isn’t their greatest sin. Neither is liberalism nor leftist ideology.

The sin of MSNBC is indecency.

I return to Joy Reid. Tuesday, Reid referred to President Trump’s supporters as “deplorables” on twitter, borrowing a phrase from Hillary Clinton, who, to her credit, has long since backtracked on her comments. In condemning Trump’s “America First” speech before the United Nations (a concept that obviously is as offensive to Ms. Reid as her comments are to the rest of us), she said, “Sometimes I think Donald Trump has given up on the idea of ever being respected by anyone other than his ‘deplorables.'”

What set her off was Trump’s statement that the United States could utterly destroy North Korea. Reid is apparently unaware that President Obama said the same thing just two years ago.

Joy Reid is no stranger to outlandish comments.

Last week, the host of AM Joy said that now “is the worst time to be a human” in the history of civilization, simply because she disagrees with the politics of the president. Really? This is “the worst time to be a human”? I’m guessing there were a few Christians who would have been happy to give up their place in the lion’s den for the persecution of 21st century America. I’m guessing a few Jews from 70 years ago would have preferred Trump’s policies to Hitler’s. And I’m pretty sure my granddad (WWI) and dad (WWII) would look at us now and say we really don’t have it that bad.

But there’s more.

Back in June, Reid criticized House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), while he was still hospitalized after being shot. I guess there’s nothing “deplorable” about that, according to MSNBC.

I must ask it again. How does MSNBC’s Joy Reid still have a job? Imagine the outcry if Sean Hannity said anyone who voted for Obama was “deplorable,” that Obama made this the “worst time to be a human,” and then criticized Democratic Representative Gabriella Giffords after she was shot in Arizona.

Would Sean Hannity still have a job? Of course not. Does Joy Reid still have a job? Of course she does. And that makes this a sad day for MSNBC. One might even say it’s “deplorable.”

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