The Rushmore Report: Guess Who’s Singing to God?

Oprah Winfrey isn’t known for her singing voice, but that didn’t stop her from singing about surrendering all to Jesus and speaking about prayer on musician Harry Connick Jr.’s daytime talk show. Winfrey appeared on “Harry” this week, where she sang the famous hymn, “I Surrender All.” Backed by a choir and band that included Connick on the piano, Winfrey introduced the song with a story about the importance of surrendering the issues of life to God when she was stressed out about doing a movie with director Steven Spielberg.

“I had been told that I wasn’t going to be in the film. I had gone away and I was running around the track one day and I was praying,” she revealed. “I had been praying and I started singing this song and then I got a call saying Steven Spielberg wants you in his office tomorrow morning.”

Winfrey said that God starts to show up when people surrender problems to him. “Whatever it is that you’re pushing up against, whatever it is you’ve been fighting, you release it to that which is greater – which is God – and things show up,” she said before breaking out into song.

“All to Jesus I surrender, All to him I freely give, I will ever love and trust him, In his presence daily live,” Winfrey sang.

Connick asked the media maven to come onto his talk show which is in its second year, and he was surprised that she obliged. While Winfrey promoted her new food line called “O, That’s Good!” and book, The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations, she also shared some insight about her faith.

When Connick asked if she cared about “haters” online, Winfrey said she leaned on her spiritual roots when dealing with negativity.

“This is what you have to do. These times where there’s so much volatility, this is where your spiritual roots show up,” she said. “Spiritual roots don’t show up when everything is great and we’re all just listening to Harry Connick’s songs. It shows up where there’s tension, where there’s trouble, where there’s challenges, when there’s violence, all that stuff.”

Oprah went on to add, “So y0u get to rise to the best of yourself because love shows up when it has to face hate.”

At another point in the show, Winfrey shared some of her prayers to God throughout the years.

“You know what my prayer is? My prayer is, “Use me,'” she said. “I used to pray that prayer every day. When you pray that prayer you will be met with the answer.”

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