The Rushmore Report – Guess Who Leads First Poll of Democratic Contenders for 2020?

A new poll was just conducted, with results being announced two days ago. The CNN poll asked two questions. Do you think President Trump will win a second term? If you are a Democrat, who would you vote for at this point? As for the first question, 46 percent believe Trump will win a second term, up from 36 percent since May. And as for the second question, 16 candidates were put on the poll – not including Hillary Clinton. The winner garnered more support than the next three candidates – combined.

First, there is good news for Republicans. The country’s slow migration to the belief that he will win a second term may deter some stronger, younger Democratic candidates from running until 2024. And this also feeds Republican support for Trump. A record low of just 20 percent of Republicans now want to see another candidate challenge the president from within his own party.

The leader among Democratic candidates is former Vice President Joe Biden. Here are the numbers . . .

  • Biden – 33%
  • Sanders – 13%
  • Harris – 9%
  • Warren – 8%
  • Booker – 5%
  • Kerry – 5%
  • Bloomberg – 4%
  • O’Rourke – 4%
  • Holder – 3%
  • Garcetti – 2%
  • Avenatti – 1%
  • Gillibrand – 1%
  • Klobuchar – 1%
  • Patrick – 1%
  • Bullock – <1%
  • Delaney – <1%

Biden has yet to announce any intention to run for president, but he has said he has “considered” the possibility. In recent weeks, Biden has emerged as a vocal critic of the Trump administration, after a two-year hiatus from public life.

None of the more progressive Democrats, Like Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), who used Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearings to court the far left, has benefited from this strategy. Even the darling of progressives, Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT), trails Biden by 20 points.

The first Democratic debate is probably about eight months away. But get ready. We are about to see the most contentious, crowded primary in American history since way back in . . . 2016.

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