The Rushmore Report: Foster Mom, Walmart Cashier, and Voice of God

The Walmart shoppers were growing impatient. It was late on a Friday night in Newcastle, Oklahoma. Many of the customers were grumbling about the lady at the front of the line. A foster parent, the lady had signed up for a federal program that would pay for her groceries. But the debit card wasn’t working. Suddenly, cashier Nicholas Tate stepped in. And what he did next blew everyone’s mind.

The 20-year-old cashier said, “I felt like God was calling for me to pay for her bill. It was without a doubt – God was saying, ‘Pay for this.'”

And that is what he did. He swiped his own card to pay for the groceries – a $60 bill. And the customer broke into tears.

Nicholas is a Christian, attending Austin Bible Institute, in hopes of becoming a missionary to Honduras. He said, “When God tells me to do something, I do it. God told me, ‘I put you in this place at the right time and I knew you were ready for this – to pay for this.’ So, without hesitation, I pulled my card out and swiped it.”

The news quickly spread. Looking back, Nicholas says, “I was just trying to bless someone and make their day and it turned into something incredible.”

He told the local news station, “It’s not what I did. It’s what God did through me. He took something so small and he glorified his name with it.”

The world needs more young men like Nicholas Tate. It is through random acts of kindness that we best proclaim the gospel. What Nicholas Tate did in a small town in Oklahoma, we each can do every day.

Who’s next?

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