The Rushmore Report: Five Things We Know about Miss America 2017

Out of 52 contestants, Savvy Shields was crowned Miss America Sunday night in New Jersey. Whether dancing to “They Just Keep Moving the Line” from Smash or answering a surprise political question about Hillary Clinton, the blond beauty received the most votes and was crowned the winner. So what do we know about the new Miss America?

1. She is an admirer of Beyoncé.

Before showing off her talents to the judges,  including Gabby Douglas, Mark Cuban, and Ciara, Savvy admitted that she loves a certain pop superstar. “I want to be a back-up dancer for Beyoncé,” she confessed. “I feel like that’s every dancer’s secret dream.”

2. She is a positive thinker.

Perhaps what got Savvy so far into the beauty pageant world is her mindset. During the show, fans got a glimpse into how she celebrates victories and good fortunes that come her way. “That would be the best day of my life in the future,” she said of possibly winning the pageant. “The best is yet to come.”

3. Shields does charity work.

While her hair, make-up, and dresses are nice, Savvy prefers to trade in her fancy clothes for the casual dress that is more appropriate for volunteering for Reading Is Fundamental or Children’s Miracle Networks Hospitals. She said in a recent social media post, “The CMN Miracle Mile walk was too good to not share more!”

4. She lives a healthy life.

One look at Savvy’s Instagram and you’ll get a better sense of her “Eat Better, Live Better” platform. Whether breaking a sweat in the gym with her friends or cooking up a tasty meal, the student makes health and wellness a priority even with a demanding schedule. So what are her favorite foods to make? “All time favorite dinner? Brussel sprouts and salmon for the win,” she says. You can find more on her healthy diet on Facebook and on her #HealthyTipTuesdays.

5. Miss America is a committed Christian.

The art major and winner of the talent competition is a follower of Jesus Christ. She prayed for her fellow contestants before the competition and noted on her Instagram: “God is so much greater than we can imagine.”

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