The Rushmore Report: Five Things Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

Before you send the flowers or make the phone call, and before you send her a gift card to her favorite department store, let me offer some insight as to what most moms really want for Mother’s Day. Expressions from your heart are what touch her. So here are five things your mom probably wants for Mother’s Day, but likely won’t tell you herself.

1. A piece of your past

The older a mom gets, the more she realizes that time is fleeting and days gone by are precious. Give her a cherished memory in the form of an old photo of you that she might have forgotten, a framed menu from the restaurant where the two of you shared a special memory, or a childhood drawing you came across that you never gave her.

2. A project from your heart

Anyone can walk into a store and purchase a gift card. You can even buy them online without leaving your house. But a project from the heart goes a lot further with mom. Consider putting together a scrapbook of memories of mom, drawing or painting her a picture, or writing a poem. Tell her how she has blessed your life.

3. The gift of your presence

Has it been awhile since you’ve seen your mom? Taking the time to visit will go further than anything else you can give her. But rather than surprise her, let her know you plan to visit soon so she can experience the anticipation of your arrival as a gift, as well. If the distance is too great to drive to see her that day, make plans for when you will see her and gift her with the news and the date to put on her calendar.

4. Your spiritual well-being

Moms worry about their children’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Assure your mom that you are doing well by telling her what you’ve been learning spiritually. If you find that you don’t have much to tell her about spiritual growth in your life, make a point of reading or studying something she’d be thrilled to hear about.

5. Your prayers

Assuming your mom was a spiritual mentor in your life, it would thrill her soul to know you are praying for her health, her comfort, and her joy. Even better, pray with her. And if your mom is not a believer, or not one who is vocal about her faith, your private prayers for her may be the best gift you can give her on Mother’s Day.

About the Author

Cindi McMenamin is an award-winning writer and national speaker. She is author of When Women Walk Alone and Letting God Meet Your Emotional Needs. She is also a pastor’s wife and director of women’s ministries at her church.

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