The Rushmore Report: FBI Interview Catches Clinton in Multiple Lies

The FBI just released notes from its July 2 interview with Hillary Clinton about her use of a private, unsecured email server during her tenure as Secretary of State. Days after the interview, FBI Director James Coney cited Clinton’s “extremely careless” handling of classified information. Now, with the release of their redacted papers, the FBI has confirmed several stunning lies told by the would-be president.

1. Clinton said she had turned over all of her work-related emails.

The Democratic nominee said, repeatedly, that she had given the FBI “all of my work-related emails.” But the FBI report stated they found 17,448 emails that she had failed to turn over to the Inspector General. And this doesn’t include the 30,000 emails she had already deleted, in such a way that “God couldn’t find them” (Trey Gowdy).

2. Clinton said she wanted the public to see her email.

In March of 2015, the New York Times broke the story of Clinton’s private email server. Hillary said, “I want the public to see my emails.” Three weeks later, they were deleted.

3. Clinton said she didn’t know what the “C” meant on the classified emails.

Amazingly, Clinton said she thought the marking meant “Confidential” or that they were marked in alphabetical order. This is ludicrous on two levels. First, no one seriously believes Clinton thought the “C” meant anything but “Classified,” and if she did think that, it certainly didn’t make its way into any of her prior explanations. Second, Clinton signed a non-disclosure agreement acknowledging that it was her responsibility to ascertain whether documents contained sensitive information. She also acknowledged the criminal penalties she would face if she disclosed government secrets. So there are only two explanations: ignorance or dishonesty.

4. Clinton claimed memory loss 31 times.

When asked about the memo she had sent to all employees of her own State Department, warning against the use of a private email server, she said she didn’t remember sending that memo. Claiming short-term memory loss, she said “I don’t remember” in answer to 31 – yes, 31- different questions from the FBI.

5. Clinton said she had one device – when she had 13.

Claiming “convenience” as the reason she used just “one device,” she now has no explanation for the 13 the FBI report has proved she used. Of course, she needs no explanation, as she doesn’t take questions from the press.


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