The Rushmore Report: Fact Checking the DNC

Multiple media outlets have graded the Democratic Convention for the honesty of the statements pouring forth from the platform. Below are the most specific, undeniable statements that are clearly untrue.

1. Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey said Donald Trump “would cut taxes for the richest Americans at the expense of the middle class.” Fact – Trump’s plan cuts taxes for all income levels.

2. Bernie Sanders said Hillary Clinton “will guarantee” free tuition at public colleges. Fact – States would have to match the funds for the students to receive these grants, something Clinton could never “guarantee.”

3. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said Trump has said wages are “too high.” Fact – Trump was speaking of the $15 per hour minimum wage, not wages in general.

4. Sanders said the “top one-tenth of one percent” own as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent. Fact – The Federal Reserve Board refutes this claim.

5. Joe Biden said Trump is on record as wanting to “carpet bomb Iraq.” Fact – Trump never said that. It was Sen. Ted Cruz who said that.

6. Howard Dean said Trump’s “whole health care plan was to replace the Affordable Care Act with something much better. Fact – Trump has released a detailed seven-point health care plan.

7. Bill Clinton said the United States’ approval rating “soared 20 points globally” during Mrs. Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. Fact – Not a single study has been cited to verify this claim.

8. Bill Clinton said Arkansas schools went from “worst” to “most improved” in his time as Governor. Fact – The liberal New York Times reported the state was “still near the bottom in most national ratings.”

9. Obama said under his leadership, “we finally began to wean ourselves off foreign oil.” Fact – Dependency on imported oil began to drop years before he took office.

10. Senator Harry Reid claimed that the GOP ticket wanted to “gamble Social Security in the stock market.” Fact – Trump has called for making “no changes in Social Security.”

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