The Rushmore Report: ESPN Host Calls Trump a White Supremacist – Will She Face Same Consequences as Schilling?

ESPN just can’t help getting tied up in political discussion. Sportscaster co-host Jemele Hill started a debate on Twitter about potential Senate candidate Kid Rock, which somehow concluded with her calling President Trump a white supremacist. “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists,” she wrote. Will she face the same consequences as conservative Curt Schilling, who espoused conservative views?

While Hill has yet to face consequences, ESPN anchors who have voiced conservative viewpoints have been shown the exit with barely a blink, some social media users noted.

Take Curt Schilling, for example. The former MLB pitcher turned ESPN commentator is a Donald Trump supporter who decided to speak out about the controversial transgender bathroom law in North Carolina.

After a quick review, ESPN informed the public that they believed Schilling’s behavior was “unacceptable” and that they had terminated his contract.

They have yet to make a similar announcement about Ms. Hill.

Scott Petrowski wrote, “Unless she’s fired tomorrow [she wasn’t], ESPN is admitting either they selectively enforce rules or that they don’t report on sports.”

ESPN may or may not be guilty of partisan politics in their hiring/firing practices, but there’s another moral to the story. No matter whether you’re liberal or conservative, if you’re a sports correspondent, please stick to the topic at hand.

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