The Rushmore Report: Election Will Come Down to This Group

New polls say that Hillary Clinton is still leading Donald Trump, by anywhere from five to 12 points. Clinton seems to be gaining ground she lost to Donald Trump after the Orlando terror assault. But forget about the polls. One group – and only one group – will decide this election. And they make up 20 percent of the vote.

Who is this 20 percent? The are the voters who still say they are either undecided or can see themselves switching their vote in the final months leading up to the election in November.

A full 20.1 percent of the electorate says they’d prefer to vote for a candidate not named Clinton or Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump, while playing golf in Scotland, carried on a rolling press conference as he played, telling reporters that he was working on his list of vice-presidential candidates during the trip. “It’s coming along,” he said. “I have a lot of people that want it. I’m getting calls from a lot of people, and they want it.”

In subsequent interviews, Trump has downplayed the financial crash that followed the Brexit vote in England. “This shouldn’t even affect U.S. markets. If done properly, if we had proper leadership.”

Meanwhile, Clinton is firming up her vote, as well. She is courting the Hollywood crowd and Democratic insiders, while going strong after Bernie Sanders’ votes. She is also working on her list of potential vice-presidents.

Each side will shore up their vote. And the polls will vacillate. But the crowd to watch – and they are the hardest to measure – is the 20 percent who really don’t want Clinton or Trump. At the end, they will vote for someone. At this point, it is not clear who that “someone” will be.

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Mary Kay Linge is a political writer for the New York Post. She also blogs on current events and world leaders.

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