The Rushmore Report: Eight Critical Topics the Democrats Unbelievably Ignored

The Democratic National Convention is now over. The speakers hit on a few themes – over and over. Joe Biden ridiculed Trump’s position of wanting to “carpet bomb” Iraq. Never mind, Trump actually never said that – it was Sen. Cruz who said that. They promised free college and a continuation of the Obama agenda. Never mind, 83% think we are on the wrong track. But what was amazing was the eight topics the Democrats completely ignored. They ridiculed Trump over 300 times. But they found no time to address these minor issues . . .

1. ISIS – Only Leon Panetta addressed ISIS with more than two sentences, and he received the loudest “boos” for his effort. “No more war!” the delegates screamed. Apparently, they are unaware ISIS has declared war on us. I suppose they want us to lay down our arms in retreat – an interesting strategy for victory. ISIS has killed between 150,000 and 200,000 people since President Obama declared them “the JV Team.” In his speech, our Commander in Chief mocked Trump six times, while mentioning ISIS only twice. And once again, no strategy for victory was offered by a single speaker.

2. The National Debt – In 2008, Senator Obama spoke of the national debt, which then stood at $10.6 trillion, mocking President Bush for his part in the financial crisis. He said, “That’s un-American! That’s unpatriotic!” Then under Obama’s watch, the debt has nearly doubled. As for a solution, the entire four-day convention only touched on the debt with a two-minute video that was shown during a television time-out. Mr. Obama said nothing about it. Mrs. Clinton said nothing about it. But again, they found time to say “Donald Trump” over 300 times.

3. The Democratic Platform – Praised as the most progressive (new synonym for liberal) platform in American political history, not one speaker ever read from their platform. Amazingly, even the delegates who approved the platform have not seen it. Rather than dispersing the platform document, which is 30 pages, they only released a summary. More importantly, there was not one mention of their own platform in their own convention.

4. Black-on-Black Crime – During prime time, the DNC brought to the stage nine women whose sons have been killed by policemen. What they failed to produce was a single family member of the 123 slain police officers from this year – up 78% over 2015. Nor was there a mention of the 6,000 blacks killed in America last year – mostly by other blacks. Yes, black lives matter. So do blue lives. And white lives. It is hard to imagine a more divisive move in recent political history. When did it become politically incorrect to mourn the loss of all lives?

5. Border Security – “Kate’s Law” would eliminate sanctuary cities. But it remains the policy of the Democratic Party to allow cities to break federal law and give safe haven to men such as the thug who killed Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco. He was a five-time felon who would have been deported – if not for San Francisco’s policy of ignoring federal law. When “Kate’s Law” came before the Senate, all but three Democrats voted against it. During the DNC, no mention was made of that law. And while they ridiculed Trump’s “Wall” dozens of times, not one speech was committed to their own plan to secure the border. And if you think the border is already secure, visit El Paso, Texas.

6. Hillary’s Refugee Plan – Mrs. Clinton is on record as wanting to increase the flow of Syrian refugees into the United States by 550%. The FBI says we can’t vet these refugees to find the terrorists that will be among them. The CIA said the same thing. But Clinton has not backed off. So the obvious question is this: If bringing in 5.5 times more Syrian refugees is not a national security threat, why was that not mentioned all week?

7. Abortion Deaths – Babies continue to be aborted in America in numbers of about 700,000 per year. For every 1,000 births there are 210 abortions. Last year, 12 American women died because they had abortions. While 85% of Americans oppose “partial birth abortion,” Mrs. Clinton still supports it. But it wasn’t mentioned all week. Of course, the blacks killed by police officers, justified or not, matter. I can’t imagine the pain of those nine women who lost their sons. But I would argue that 700,000 babies who were never given their first breath matter, too.

8. Explanation for Trump’s “Treason” – A few days ago, when Trump held a press conference (something Mrs. Clinton has not done in 238 days), he joked that the Russians should produce Hillary’s deleted emails if they hacked them. In response, the Democrats called this “treason” by Mr. Trump. I’m confused. I thought Clinton said her deleted emails were about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding – that they didn’t contain any national security issues. So if her emails did not contain any national security information, how can revealing them be considered “treason”? And how is it Trump’s fault if someone else finds her emails that she put on an unsecured private server?

I think the Democrats had a good week, outside of the newest email scandal which led to the resignation of their party chairwoman. The speeches by President Obama, Michelle Obama, Vice President Biden, and Secretary Clinton were all very strong. Clinton can expect a “bump” in the polls as a result. But it is troubling that their agenda said more about Donald Trump than national defense, the national debt, ISIS, border security, 6,000 black deaths, and their own party platform – combined.

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