The Rushmore Report: Chicago – 285, Orlando – 49

Sunday morning’s terrorist attack on Orlando was the worst mass shooting in modern American history. But there is another great American city we must not forget – Chicago. While at least 49 died in the Orlando attack, in Chicago, so far in 2016, 254 have been shot and killed, with 285 total homicides. Their murder rate is up 72% this year, with shootings up 88%, according to USA Today. Let’s talk about Chicago.

1. What we tolerate becomes commonplace. It has been noted that within minutes of the Orlando shooting, thousands of news outlets were on the story, as they should have been. But we are still waiting for the mainstream media to address the carnage of Chicago. What if 285 people had been killed in Orlando, or any other city? You can be sure there would be a national outcry and intense coverage. But every day Chicago sees another citizen shot down – usually with legally purchased guns – and we hear nothing. Here’s the score: Chicago – 285. Orlando – 49. Both are senseless, horrible, and evil. But we only hear about one of them.

2. Gun laws have done Chicago no good. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has successfully put in place the strictest gun laws of any major U.S. city. The result is predictable and documented. Newsflash, Mayor Emanuel – the bad guys, willing to commit murder and die for their crimes, don’t care about your gun laws. Here is what has happened in Chicago, hundreds of times in 2016. Bad guy gets a gun (usually by legal means). Bad guy goes into crowded place. Crowded place doesn’t allow guns inside, via Chicago laws. Good guys in crowded place are therefore unarmed. Bad guy opens fire on good guys. Good guys are unable to defend themselves, as legislated by Chicago leadership. Good guys die. Leadership (mayor, etc.) responds by blaming the NRA. More gun laws are put in place, making it even harder for good guys to defend themselves in crowded places. Bad guys read the news. More bad guys go into crowded places and shoot more good guys who are still unarmed, per the decree of local leaders. Local leaders again blame NRA and place still more restrictions on good guys’ ability to defend themselves. Bad guys laugh at leader guys. When laughter ends, bad guys go into crowded place . . .

3. National leadership is silent. Within hours of the Orlando shooting, Chicago’s most famous son, President Obama, spoke out against the senseless action, citing terror as the source of the shooting. Forty-nine died, and the President spoke. In his hometown, victim #49 of 2016 was killed in February. We are still waiting for the President’s response.

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