The Rushmore Report: Does President Trump Believe in UFOs?

Does President Trump believe in UFOs? That question was offered to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders earlier this week. She responded, “Somehow that question hasn’t come up in our back-and-forth over the last couple days.” How can that not come up? What is more important than Trump’s position on UFOs? Inquiring minds want – and deserve – to know.

It was recently reported by The New York Times (slightly more reliable than National Inquirer) that the Pentagon has had a secret $22 million program that has collected video and audio recordings of unidentified flying objects. The Times even published a grainy photo of a UFO, recorded by a Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet.

Jordan Fabian, of The Hill, asked Sanders the question. He wanted to know if the spending on the UFO program would continue.

Sanders deadpanned, telling the reporter that, “You have aliens sitting among you,” referring to the other White House reporters. When pressed on the issue, she confessed that “somehow that hasn’t come up.” But then she promised, “I will check into that and be happy to circle back.”

So the question remains unanswered – for now. But you can count on Sanders to talk to the president about the issue and get his opinion on the matter. And you can certainly count on the press to follow up with more questions, as they seek to get answers on UFOs.

Good for the media! Rather than wasting time asking about the tax bill, health care, or national defense, they had the good sense to talk about UFOs.

And they say journalism in America is dead.


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