The Rushmore Report – Does Falling Out of Love Justify Divorce?

Divorce isn’t justified just because one spouse has fallen out of love, says theologian and Desiring God founder John Piper. In a podcast posted Friday on the Desiring God website, Piper was asked a question from an anonymous listener whose adult son was planning to get a divorce. The question elicited a direct response from Piper.

The individual said, “I’m totally perplexed by the timing. I don’t understand why he feels unhappy, but he claims he is ‘no longer in love’ with his wife anymore. What would you say to someone who has ‘fallen out of love’ with their spouse, and why that’s no ground for divorce?”

Piper responded that falling out of love is a bad reason to divorce because, in his opinion, married couples oftentimes fall in and out of love, yet remain together.

“It is, in my judgment, almost ludicrous to think that we experience ‘being in love’ the same for the entire 60 years, just like we felt at the beginning of the relationship,” said Piper.

“In a relationship between two sinners forced to live as close as married couples live, it is naive to think that every season will be one of warmth and sweetness and sexual romance. That’s just contrary to almost the entire history of the world and contrary to every makeup of fallen human nature.”

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