The Rushmore Report – Denying Trump’s Achievements Is Becoming Blatantly Irrational

About 40 percent of the American people will never accept the notion of a Trump presidency. He can cure cancer, solve world hunger, secure world peace, raise the dead, heal the blind, cleanse the leper, and personally pay off our national debt – and it wouldn’t matter. If he walked on water, they’d criticize him for not swimming. His critics rightly condemn the president’s loose tongue. And Trump should probably join a 12-step program for people addicted to Twitter. But those who continue to pretend the president is not getting significant things done for the American people are just looking silly. As David Limbaugh recently wrote, “Denying Trump’s accomplishments is becoming increasingly irrational.”

While past achievements are no guarantee of future success, and no one can predict the ultimate success or failure of this presidency, only a blind man can’t see the things that have been accomplished in the past 20 months. Here are a few examples.

1. The economy is humming.

While many of Trump’s critics begrudgingly acknowledge the strength of the economy, they say Trump is simply continuing the Obama success. Really? The Obama years brought us the slowest economic recovery since the 1930s. And no one can say Trump’s economic policies mirror those of Obama’s with a straight face. Unemployment is at 3.9 percent, the lowest rate of this century. Manufacturing is up. Tax cuts are producing record revenues. Wages are increasing, workers are getting bonuses, and consumer confidence is rising. All of this is inarguable.

2. Foreign policy achievements are undeniable.

The hostages have been released from North Korea. ISIS has become back-page news. America’s suddenly muscular foreign policy is reaping fruit across the globe – in Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, and beyond. Our enemies fear us and our allies respect us. As the U.S. embassy moved to Jerusalem just two days ago, our relationship with Israel has rebounded.

3. Judicial appointments have been stellar.

Across the board, President Trump’s judicial appointments have been heralded by both academics and conservatives. The Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch was a home run.

4. Strangling regulations have been relaxed.

From the EPA to the FCC to the Keystone Pipeline to Arctic drilling, Obama-era regulations – most never affirmed by Congress – have been rolled back. And the economy has responded.

5. Much more has been done that is ignored by the mainstream media.

The ban on federal funding for overseas abortions has been restored. Religious scholars applaud actions taken to promote religious liberty. The war on coal is over. The space program is being revamped. MS-13 gang members have been targeted for deportation. Illegal border crossings are down.

Limbaugh is right when he says, “You don’t need to idolize President Trump, approve all of his tweets or celebrate his former playboy lifestyle to acknowledge this stunning string of accomplishments. If you think that America is not dramatically better off than under Obama or that things aren’t immensely better than they would have been under Clinton, I’m not sure we are living on the same planet.”






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